Wonderlich Honored as Outstanding Student Employee

Iowa 4-H intern receives university, state, regional and national recognition

AMES, Iowa – Thousands of students work part-time at Iowa State while pursuing their degrees. Each year, students are nominated and honored for their outstanding work qualities for the ISU Student Employee of the Year Award.

Brenda Allen, Rachel Wonderlich, Deb MarpleFor the past two years Rachel Wonderlich has served as an intern with the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program in Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, focusing on global citizenship. Among the 75 nominees, she was one of the students selected for the 2016 ISU Student Employee of the Year Award.

Wonderlich was honored at Iowa State’s Division of Student Affairs Annual Award Program on April 26.

According to Brenda Allen, 4-H youth program specialist, Wonderlich displays all of the qualities of the award, including reliability, interpersonal skills, an outstanding work ethic and more.

“She certainly has been a great addition to our staff as a student employee," Allen said, "and it’s awesome that others recognize that too.”

Wonderlich provides support for 4-H staff and volunteers throughout the state in the 4-H Citizenship program area. This involves researching best-practices from other states, communicating with local and regional staff to relay information and coordinate potential trainings or events and following up with evaluation. Communication is done through newsletters, webinars or face-to-face events depending on what is most beneficial, Allen said.

After being recognized as one of Iowa State’s outstanding student workers, Wonderlich was selected as the State of Iowa Student Employee of the Year as well as the Midwest Region Student Employee of the Year. After going through the selection process, Wonderlich was selected as the National Student Employee of the Year, which is the first time any Iowa State student has received the honor.

In addition to being an outstanding student worker, Wonderlich also is pursuing her degree in child, adult and family services. The ISU senior said, “The award is not only a reflection of my work, but also a declaration of the support I’ve experienced from many in my life: my parents who taught me the value of hard work and responsibly, my 4-H leader and county staff who always supported my endeavors, and my current supervisor, Brenda Allen.”

[PHOTO] From left to right, 4-H Program Specialist Brenda Allen, 4-H intern Rachel Wonderlich, and Deb Marple, who funded Wonderlich's internship.