County Extension Council Materials


Conversations with Council Members: March 2017 from ISU Extension and Outreach on Vimeo.

Vice President of Extension and Outreach Cathann Kress and Assistant Vice President Bob Dodds share new information pertaining to council members and Extension and Outreach staff.

Prior Conversations with Councils

Extension Council Training Academy

Iowa Extension Council Assocation

Rising Star Internship program


Extension Council Reorganization for 2017 -- Updated 12/1/2016

ECO = Extension Council Organization

CAED = County Agricultural Extension District

Extension Council Elections: 2016 Instructions and Forms

 - CAED-1    Notice of Appointment of Nominating Committee
 - CAED-2    Certification of Nominees for Extension Council
 - CAED-3    Letter to Nominees for Extension Council
 - CAED-4    Nomination Petition for County Offices (sample)
 - CAED-5    Affidavit of Candidacy, Nonpartisan Nominations (sample)
 - CAED-6    Oath of Office (sample)
 - CAED-6.1 Notice of Appointment (sample)
 - CAED-7    Summary Report - Election Process

Extension Council Elections: 2016 News Releases

  1. Extension Council Offers Candidates Opportunities to Educate and Serve
  2. Extension Committee to Nominate Candidates
  3. (Four) Candidates Nominated for Extension Council 
  4. (Four) Candidates on the Nov. 8 Ballot for County Extension Council
  5. (Four) Elected to County Extension Council

Sections of the Iowa Code pertaining to Extension Council Operations

Information available on the ISU Extension Finance Website

County Employee and Volunteer Background Screening Process

Memorandum of Understanding