Food and Environment Programs

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Farm Business Management

Financial management of farm businesses has a significant impact on long-term sustainability, growth, and overall success. Programs address economic decisions for crop and livestock production, land management and values, machinery investments, and human resource management.

Annie's Project

Participants will be empowered to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. Increased awareness of resources to support decision-making results in increased confidence. Through discussions a stronger peer network is established. Participants become better farm managers and business partners.

Developing Human Resources in the Ag Sector

Farm and agribusiness employees will improve their skills in recruiting, managing, compensating, and evaluating employees.

Farm Leasing Arrangements and Land Values

Participants will learn the necessary skills to make informed farm business decisions that will reduce risk and increase farm profitability as they work toward their long-term goals.

Grain Storage and Management Training

Producers will reduce storage loss and shrink in all forms of on farm storage.

Managing Farm Finances for Dairy and Beef Operations

Producers and professionals will better understand farm financial tools and systems and utilize them to analyze their operations to enhance efficiency and profitability. Enhance understanding and management of profitability for Iowa dairy and beef producers through programs on economics and financial management.